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About London

London is the capital city of Great Britain and the United Kingdom and the principal home of the Queen and the British monarchy as well as the centre of the Government. The City of London is still one of the world's busiest financial centres housing London financial institutions Banks and international financial trading at the London Stock Exchange.

London straddles the world famous River Thames which cuts through the capital of London with numerous famous bridges connecting the two halves of London such as Tower Bridge and of course London Bridge and covers an overall area approximately of 618 square miles, with a sprawling population of over 12 million. London is the largest city in Europe and originally founded by the Romans in 43AD giving it a trading history as a port and hub of activity for over 2,000 years.

London hotels - London Eye

London is a unique blend of ancient buildings some over 1000 years old such as the Tower of London to ultra new glass structures such as the Swiss Re building known locally as the 'Gherkin', steeped in History and tradition London has attracted visitors from all over the globe in search of its splendour, choice and ancient history. London has something for every taste with restaurants from all over the world offering a truly gastronomic experience of global variety to the streets of London.

London has it all from the eccentric to the modern and the home of outstanding London art galleries housing some of the world's renowned art and sculpture treasures. London is a centre for night life with an active London theatre culture, and offers the visitor a wealth of cultural choice with ancient buildings, royal palaces, historical buildings, peaceful green park areas, quaint residential squares, monuments & statues and the busy London streets were once thought to be paved with gold for the visitor to make money in London's fair city.

London hotels - Buckingham Palace

London has been the focal point for travellers and traders for several thousand years but now the vast majority of visitors come to enjoy its variety of experiences. London has been the home and inspiration of Artists and poets for centuries such as Turner and Shakespeare.

London is perhaps best known for it icons such as Bowler hatted business men with umbrellas, London Red Buses, London Black Cab Taxis, the worlds Oldest most established London underground system covering 280 destinations and its polite 'bobby' policemen and red phone boxes. London does have so much more to offer the visitor and if you like shopping then it's the destination for you with every department store from Harrods to the corner shop and world famous London street markets.

London hotels - history

London is truly a multi cultural city with virtually every denomination represented.

A trip to London will be a memorable one and with so much to see and do you have to come back again and again to London to enjoy its unique marriage of ancient and new, London truly has more to offer than any other city in the world and welcomes you.


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